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Replacing a leather watch band without lugs

Whether your current watch band is worn out, or you would just like to give your watch a new look, you can easily replace your leather watch band. This guide will help you change watch bands in cases without holes in the lugs. How do you know if your watch lugs does or does not have holes? Check the watch lugs, the metal part that sticks out to hold the watch band. If it is smooth, it does not have holes and you should follow these steps to remove your watch band.

Tools Needed

  • Spring Bar Tool
  • Replacement Watch Band
  • New Spring Bars and Parts Tray (Optional)

A handful of easy steps

  1. The first step in changing your watch band is to remove the existing watch band. Start by holding the watch so that it is sitting on its side with the watch crown pointing up. Hold the watch case so one side of the band is facing you.
  2. Take your spring bar tool and slip the forked end under the top lug. When the point catches on the spring bar, push down and then to the side to pop the spring bar free. When the spring bar is free you can pull that end of the watch band out of the case. Take the spring bar out of the band and set it aside in case you need to reuse it.
  3. Set the first part of the watch band off to the side so you will remember which side of the watch case it came from. By doing this, you will ensure that the clasp of your new watch band will close the same way as the one on your original band.
  4. Turn the watch case so that the half of the watch band that is still attached to the watch case is accessible to your tools.
  5. Set the band aside on the other side of the watch case like you did with the first one to tell which side goes where.
  6. You are now ready to place the new watch band onto the watch case. Start with your spring bars: If the spring bars from your old watch band are in good shape, you can use them with your new band. If they are damaged, you should replace them now. Insert your spring bars into the holes at the ends of the leather watch band.
  7. Position the spring bar of the watch band in the hole in the bottom lug. Be sure that your watch band's finished side is facing the same direction as the watch face. Take the forked end of the spring bar tool and position it so that you can push one of the spring ends of the spring bar down so it fits under the lug. Move the watch band around in the lugs until you feel and see the spring bar pop into place. This will happen when the spring bar finds the hole in the watch lug. Don't worry if it takes you several tries to get the spring bar in position.
  8. Now, turn the watch case so that you can access the other set of lugs and pick up the other half of the new watch band.
  9. Take the watch band and position it so that the finished side faces the same way as the watch crystal and place the spring bar in the hole for it in the bottom lug. When it is place, use the forked end of your spring bar tool to push the top part of the spring bar down so it can slide under the top watch lug. Just like you did with the first half, wiggle the watch band around under the top lug until it slips into place in its hole in the lug. Once both halves of the watch band are securely attached to the watch case, you are ready to wear your watch again with its brand new look.